You have been there, I am sure. You are in a new city, eager to explore all the sights and places … and then it rains.

That’s certainly not what you hoped for, but it does not mean you can’t have an awesome time when it rains while you travel.

Here are 10 things you can do in any city when it rains.


Go to the museum

Cities large and small usually have a variety of different museums. Educational, entertaining, interactive, fun … once you start digging around the local museum scene, you will find plenty of opportunities.

However, keep in mind that rainy days are popular for visiting a museum. The larger, well-known ones could get crowded quickly. So check out the lesser known or smaller museums where chances are higher less people are visiting.


Go to the cinema or a theater

Watching a movie might not be on top of your list when visiting a new city. However, remember you are on vacation so taking it easy should be part of your activity list anyway.

And if you want to feel less guilty missing time to explore a new destination, you can still do the cultural thing and go to a theater instead. Or a musical. Especially when you are in a larger city, chances are there will be mid-day or afternoon shows alongside the usual evening shows.


Have a Spa day

A rainy day is the perfect excuse to relax at a Spa. Have some treatments and spend a few hours doing nothing in particular at the indoor pool, other then maybe reading a book.


Go to a food market

A food market is an incredible place to learn more about local culture and cuisine. It is a place that is typically on my list when visiting a new city anyway. And since chances are high local food markets are located indoors, it’s a place perfect to be explored during a rainy day.


Have afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea

No longer a tradition found exclusively in Britain, afternoon teas are now celebrated all over the world.

Check out where in the city afternoon teas are offered and indulge in a variety of sandwiches, scones and pastries.


Go on a coffee crawl

Instead of having afternoon tea, you could also decide to check out some of the local coffee shops. Sample the different pastries, cakes and sweets on offer, and alternate the coffees you drink (from latte to cappuccino, espresso, flat white… you name it) at each different coffee shop you hit.


Explore the city by bus

A great way to explore a new city is to get a pass for the local hop-on hop-off buses, not only when it rains. It is a great way to get the bearings of a place and see the most iconic places a city has to offer before you start exploring on your own.

Since these buses will usually have a lower deck which is covered, you can still join a tour (or different ones if it is a larger city with buses covering different routes) during a rainy day.


Go underground

There are some very well known places underground worth visiting around the world, like the catacombs in Rome.

However, you might be surprised how many underground attractions are found around the world.

For example, during my last visit to Lisbon, Portugal, I saw people descending into a hole in the middle of a street. Just like you would see city workers going underground but these were clearly tourists. Asking what they were doing, it turned out there are Roman galleries under the Baixa neighborhood you can visit.

So when in a new city, check out possible underground attractions.


Check out indoor sports opportunities

Want to remain active even in the rain? Bowling, ice skating, tennis … there are plenty of fun sports you can engage with indoors.


Buy an umbrella and go out anyway

And finally, why should your planned activities be impacted by rain? Go out, buy an umbrella and just do what you had planned to do anyway.


What are you usually doing when you visit a new city and it rains?