Although the calendar still indicates winter in the Northern hemisphere, early February is the time where the first destinations in Europe start to see temperatures ticking up and the first spring blossoms start to appear.

So it’s hard to predict the exact timing, Europe’s Spring blossom season runs from February through to late May and from the most southern parts right up to the north it’s a magical season to watch nature to erupt into a wonderland of colours.

So if you love travelling for blooms and wonder where you should go to enjoy a burst of colours in Europe, here are some really amazing destinations you should not miss and the best times when to go there.

See almond blossoms in Mallorca, Andalucía, Sicily … and Germany

Head to Mallorca from late January to early March to see the island erupt in a spree of white petals. You will find them really all over the island but if you are looking for a particular beautiful spot, take the train from Palma de Mallorca to Soller.

Enjoying spring blossoms in Europe: The best places and times to visit

Another beautiful Spanish region perfect to enjoy sunshine and almond trees in bloom early in the year is the southernmost region of Andalucía. Particular beautiful spots to enjoy the delicate white and pink almond petals are in the province of Malaga or Valle del Guadalhorce.

 Best time to go: late January to early March

Enjoying spring blossoms in Europe: The best places and times to visit

From late February through March, the countryside of Agrigento in Sicily is tinged with pinkish-white almond blossoms. Going back all the way to 1934, the annual almond festival in Agrigento is one of the most popular events kicking off Spring on the island. it’s opening ceremony sees the lighting of the torch of Friendship right in front of the Temple of Concordia in the Valley of the Temples.

Best time to go: late February – March

Enjoying spring blossoms in Europe: The best places and times to visit

One of my favourite places to admire almond blossoms is the Palatinate area in Germany where you find the almond blossom trail, officially called Pfälzer Mandelpfad, stretching for nearly 80 kilometres from Bad Dürkheim to Schweigen-Rechtenbachlong . Almond trees will start to bloom from early March through to mid-/end-April, and there is a six week period starting in mid-March called ‘pink weeks’ when the area features many events around the almond blossoms. The highlight of this event will be the annual almond festival in Gimmeldingen.

If you want to learn more about the almond blossom trail, read my post Your ultimate guide to explore the Palatinate almond blossom trail in Germany.

Best time to go: March to mid-April

Admire poppies Tuscany, Italy

Rows and rows of bright red blooms. I truly love poppy fields and there are many of them in all parts of Europe. One of the most beautiful landscapes adorned with budding red poppies however must be Tuscany where the rolling hills are covered in red during April and May.

Best time to go: April – May

Celebrate cherry blossoms in Germany

Move over Japan … indeed you do not have to travel halfway around the world to see the beauty of cherry blossoms. Come early May, many cities in Germany will blow up in a colour spree ranging from white to pink. Heerstrasse in Bonn is likely the most famous place for cherry blossoms in Germany, it even has its own cherry blossom festival in May.

Bonn is not the only destination in Germany to admire cherry blossoms though. Other great places to see cherry trees in bloom are Düsseldorf where you will encounter cherry trees everywhere, the Botanical Garden in Essen, whilst there are more than fifty spots throughout Berlin where cherry trees were planted back in 1990, many of which along the former deserted stretches along the former Berlin Wall.

Of course there are many spots in the countryside to admire cherry blossoms in Germany too. A particular beautiful spot is Schwetzingen in Baden-Württemberg, just a short drive from Heidelberg and Mannheim. The town is perhaps best known for its annual asparagus market; after all it’s the world capital of asparagus. An luckily the two attractions are neatly falling together. The famous annual asparagus festival is taking place on a weekend early in May, which is also the time when heading to Schwetzingen Castle you will find one of the most beautiful cherry tree alley in full bloom.

Best time to go: April – May

Enjoy cherry blossoms in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden

From March to early May Kungstradgarden Park (Kings tree garden) in Stockholm with more than 60 cherry trees transforms into a wonderland of cherry blossoms. If you time your visit for mid-April, there will be the annual Japanese festival at the park, featuring craft and food stands directly under the cherry trees in bloom.

Meanwhile, Gothenburg’s Botanical Garden becomes the place to be in April and early May.

Best time to go: April to early May

Experience orange blossoms in Valencia and Seville

Seville is known as the city of oranges. Indeed Seville oranges are famous for their special sour taste and the fruit is celebrated all year round in the city. However, one of the most magical times to visit is when the streets are covered with orange blossoms. Which is usually the case for around three weeks in late February to early March.

Best time to go: late February to early March

Another awesome destination to admire orange blossoms in the Spring is Spain’s third largest city, Valencia. It’s a destination that is worth seeing any time of the year, from the amazing historic town to the futuristic Calatrava-designed City of Arts and Sciences or the huge sandy beaches. However, time your visit for late April or May and you will also get to enjoy the wonderful sight and intense aroma from the many orange trees planted throughout the city.

Best time to go: late April – May

See the famous Tulips in Lisse, Netherlands

Holland is famous for its huge tulip fields and most European’s will at least have heard of the town of Lisse, home to Keukenhof which is known as the ‘Garden of Europe’. It’s just a short drive from Amsterdam and from March to May, you will find some seven million tulips in bloom here.

Best time to go: end of March to mid-May

Do you travel for Spring blossoms? What is been your favoured place or where do you absolutely want to go one day? Let me know.