You may not see a lot of Asia food at my house. But contrary to common believe, I am a huge fan of curries. Especially if you make it a coconut something curry. It does not hurt it’s a dish usually ready in less than 45 minutes.

There are flavours that are simply made for each other. Combine delicate yet flavour-packed salmon with slightly sweet and nutty coconut, and you know what I mean. Add steaming fragrant Basmati rice and it’s heaven made.

Asian flavours | Green coconut salmon curry

This mildly hot green coconut salmon curry packed with lots of flavour and was an instant hit at my house and just perfect for a casual weeknight dinner.

Asian flavours | Green coconut salmon curry

Green coconut salmon curry recipe

Serves 4

600 g salmon filet without skin
30 g freshly grated ginger
1 stalk of lemongrass
½ bunch of chives
400 ml coconut cream
200 ml vegetable broth
30-50 g green curry paste
1 lime
5 stalks coriander


Cut the lemongrass into fine rings except for the hard end.

Wash and chop the chieves.

Rinse the salmon filet well under running water. Pat dry with kitchen tissue and eliminate the brown oil. Cut into small pieces.

In a large saucepan, bring coconut cream, vegetable broth, lemongrass, ginger and green curry paste to a boil over medium heat. Reduce the heat and add the salmon and chieves. Let simmer for 10 minutes.

Season with lime juice, salt, and pepper.

Distribute on four plates and top with few coriander leaves.

Serve with basmati rice.

Asian flavours | Green coconut salmon curry

Please let me know if you liked the curry in the comments.