Always keen to expand my knowledge about gin, you can find me browsing the latest offers on my favourite liquor store websites ever so often. But where does one start with somewhere over 5,500 gins being made around the world? In case you are following me for a while, you know it might be purely based on bottle design!

Constantly on the lookout for a new gin experience, flipping through some of my preferred websites recently, what struck me first about Akori Gin was the beautiful bottle design. Just look at the elegant blue and pink bottles adorned with a stylistic floral decor.

Akori Gin: A Japanese inspired drink experience

The beautiful design plus the name had me quickly placing the gin in Japan, and images of cherry blossoms and snow-capped Mount Fuji in the back were building in my head.

Not totally right, but also not totally wrong.

About Akori Gin

Akori Gin, despite its decidedly oriental appearance is made in Spain. More precisely, it is produced by Campeny Destilerias, located just outside of Barcelona.

The distillery was founded in 1970 by Amadeo Campeny and today is one of the most renown producers of spirits and liquors in Spain and beyond. They produce more than 50 different spirits and liquors including gin, vodka, rum, tequila, limoncello and whisky.

Akori Gin: A Japanese inspired drink experience

Though made by a renowned Spanish distiller, Akori Gin is inspired by Japanese flavours. It is distilled from a rice-based grain alcohol and includes botanicals reflecting flavours typically associated with the land of the rising sun. Think cherry blossom, dragon fruit and citrus flavours.

Akori Gin Tasting Notes

Akori Premium Gin

First, of course, the bottle. The stunningly beautifully designed blue bottle spots a volcano and a bamboo cane.

Akori Gin: A Japanese inspired drink experience

The gin itself is made from a range of different botanicals including of course ginger along with dragon fruit, kumquat, ginger, bitter orange and fortunella.

Akori Gin: A Japanese inspired drink experience

On the nose, a fruity and slightly sweet bouquet with abundant notes of tropical fruits, a discreate juniper fragrance and subtle spicy notes.

On the palate, well balanced with pronounced aromas of lychee and honeydew melon with spicy ginger and hints of spices. Long and fruity finish.

Akori Cherry Blossom

Equally beautifully designed, the Akori Cherry Blossom comes in a pale pink bottle adorned with cherry blossoms.

Akori Gin: A Japanese inspired drink experience

Made from the same rice-based base spirit as the Akori Premium Gin, Akori Cherry Blossom Gin’s main botanicals include cherry blossom, ginger and citrus.

Akori Gin: A Japanese inspired drink experience

On the nose, slightly spicy with soft juniper notes and floral aromas

On the palate, rich and balanced with a pleasant fresh taste of cherry blossoms with hints of fruit and various spices. 

How best to enjoy Akori Gin & food pairing suggestions

When it comes to how to thoroughly enjoy both Akori gins, enjoying it pure or simply pouring it over ice will bring out the full essence of the spirit.

That said, when tasting a new gin, I love playing around, using it to mix some of my favourite cocktails to find out how the flavour profile changes.

Akori Gin: A Japanese inspired drink experience

Both Akori gins are fantastic mixing up a gin and tonic. Given their own unique subtle oriental flavour profile, I would recommend using tonics which are on the lighter side and less sweet. Otherwise, Ginger Ale and orange juice also work perfectly well.

If you want to go a step further and add some nibbles or pair your gin with a full meal, the great news is, gin generally pairs well with a large range of food.

Akori Gin: A Japanese inspired drink experience

Seafood will work particularly well, including both sushi and sashimi. Also always a good bet is charcuterie, strongly flavoured cheeses but also anything spicy (think Asian dishes).

For the Akori Gin, I have opted for a crab-ricotta quiche. The subtle flavour of the crab meat in combination with the ricotta mixture worked perfectly with the slightly sweet and citrusy flavours of the two gins.

If you like bold flavours, you could also try to pair Akori Gin with some hot Japanese dishes like duck with plum sauce.

In conclusion

If you like subtle flavours, the two Akori gins should definitely be on your list of gins to try. You will find them an easy companion on a warm summer evening, either on the rocks or enjoyed as a gin and tonic.

In addition, the beautiful bottles will stand out on the shelf, drawing the attention and curiosity of your guests.

Akori Gin: A Japanese inspired drink experience

Let me know how you liked Akori Gin and which food pairing you chose.