Say hello to your next favourite sweet dish. A soft golden-brown pillow filled with a delicious mix of apples and sour cream this German classic comes with a high risk of addiction.

Yes guys, believe it or not, but Germany too has its very own type of filled pasta. It’s called Maultasche and originates in Germany’s Swabian area. Or does it not?

Baked Apple-Maultaschen with White Chocolate Sauce

Well, legend has it that Maultaschen were first made in the cloister of Maulbronn in the 17th century. More exactly, it’s said the monks of the cloister, suffering hunger during the Thirty Years’ War, suddenly received the gift of a large piece of meat. Their problem? The time they got the meat was during lent season, when eating meat is not allowed. However, the monks at the time were so starved, they decided to eat the meat anyway. As they did not want to do so openly, they shredded the meat and mixed it with vegetables, and then hid the filling wrapped in pasta dough.

Baked Apple-Maultaschen with White Chocolate Sauce

It’s not sure if that story is true and if it was, the timing is likely wrong because there were already no monks living any longer at cloister Maulbronn during the end of the 17th century. Of course, everything could have happened liked described above, just a bit earlier.

However, considering Maultaschen are essentially food filled dumplings very much resembling Italian ravioli or Chinese Wan Tan, it’s most likely they are simply another type of filled pasta finding its way into Germany.

Baked Apple-Maultaschen with White Chocolate Sauce

Either way, Maultaschen are today a traditional food in Swabia (where they are pointedly called Swabian Maultaschen), eaten all year round but can’t be missed on the Easter menu locally.

While in Germany most will think of Maultaschen as a savoury dish, there are indeed sweet versions of Maultauschen. They will be typically filled with apples and baked in the oven.

I know, it sounds a bit like apple strudel and when you open the oven nearing the end of the baking time, you will be indeed greeted with the most delicious smell of baked apples not unlike an apple strudel.

Baked Apple-Maultaschen with White Chocolate Sauce

The great thing making apple Maultaschen is, there is much less fiddling with the dough – which is the trickiest thing making a strudel.

Tough you still have to work the dough carefully wrapping it around the apple filling, believe me its absolutely worth the effort.

In fact, there is a high risk of addiction once you have tasted these delicious little goodies.

Recipe: Baked Apple Maultaschen with white chocolate sauce

Serves 6

For the Maultaschen

1 kg apples (i.e. Gala or Honeycrisp), peeled and thinly sliced
1 kg potatoes
300 g all-purpose flour
2 eggs
3 tablespoons sugar
180 g butter
250 g sour cream
zest of half a lemon
150 ml milk

For the white chocolate sauce

80g white chocolate
200 ml heavy cream


Boil potatoes in lightly salted water until soft (about 20 minutes). Set aside to let cool slightly, then peal and press through a potato press, or mesh well using a fork.

Add flour and one egg and knead until obtaining a smooth dough.

Preheat oven to 180°C.

In a bowl, beat 80 g butter, sugar and one egg yolk until creamy. Add sour cream and combine well.

In a separate bowl, beat the egg white until stiff, then fold into the batter. Add apples and lemon zest.

Divide the potato dough into 6 pieces. On a slightly floured worksurface, roll out each of the pieces into a rectangle.

Melt the remaining butter over medium heat, then brush half of the butter on the dough. Mound the apple-mix in the middle of the dough, form into a roll.

Place the rolls into a baking pan, top with the remaining melted butter.

Bake for 10 minutes than pour over with the milk and continue to bake for another 30 to 40 minutes until the dough turns a light golden-brown.

In the meantime, cut white chocolate in pieces. Pour cream into a saucepan, add chocolate and bring to boil over medium heat. Let simmer until the chocolate has completely dissolved. Set aside to let cool.

Serve the apple Maultaschen still warm topped with the white chocolate sauce.

Baked Apple-Maultaschen with White Chocolate Sauce