Easy, quick, and tasty fried sage leaves sandwiched together with anchovy fillets are the perfect snack to go with a cocktail or glass of bubbles.

The long Easter weekend has been so gloriously beautiful, with plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures calling for an impromptu aperitivo on the terrace.

In case you follow by blog for a while already, you will know aperitivo for me means a lovely drink AND something delicious to nibble.

I guess the years spend living in Italy have forever compromised me to go for a drink without a snack.

Aperitivo Time: Fried Sage Leaves With Anchovies

Thankfully, my time in Italy has alto thought me that these snacks could be the easiest and basic foods as long as using quality ingredients.

One of my favourite snacks, and one that will disappear from the table when I make it for family and friends like it’s going out of style, are these delicious crunchy fried sage leaves with anchovies.

The texture and intense flavour combination of these crunchy fried sage leaves and salty anchovies are just unbeatable.

Try to get fresh anchovy fillets, but if you really can’t find them you could also revert to canned anchovy, which are equally fine. However, if you are using canned anchovies, make sure to rinse them carefully and dry them properly with kitchen paper.

Aperitivo Time: Fried Sage Leaves With Anchovies

I really love to pair this tasty snack with a classic Italian Aperol Spritz.

Recipe: Fried Sage Leaves with Anchovies

Sage leaves
fresh or canned anchovies
all-purpose flour
olive oil
sparkling water


Rinse anchovies and carefully dry them with kitchen towel.

Mix flour and water until obtaining a smooth batter. If it’s too sticky, add more water. If it’s too liquid, add more flour.

Flatten the sage leaves. Place an anchovy on top of one sage leave. Cut the anchovy in the right size if it’s too big. Place another sage leave on top and sandwich together.

In a large skillet, heat enough olive oil to cover the skillet around 1-2 cm high.

Dip the sandwiched sage leave in the batter on by one and place in the hot oil. Fry shortly on each side until the batter is starting to turn crispy.

Drain the sage leaves on kitchen paper.

Serve with lemon wedges and lightly sprinkled with sea salt while still hot.

Aperitivo Time: Fried Sage Leaves With Anchovies

If you are going to make this snack, please let me know how you liked it in the comments.