A lucky green Leprechaun Mimosa is the perfect drink to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style

If you are among those who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I guess you have already planned today’s menu and most importantly, what drinks to serve.

The most classic drinks on St. Patrick’s Day are without question Guinness, green beer, and whiskey shots. And there is nothing wrong with this choice.

On the other hand, what drink could be more festive than champagne (or all the great sparkling wines made according to the champagne method but sold under different names because not made in the Champagne region of France)?

Leprechaun Mimosa: A perfect St. Patrick’s Day drink for Champagne lovers

This delicious leprechaun mimosa is made with only three ingredients. Orange juice, Blue Curacao, and champagne (or a sparkling wine of your choice).

It’s the addition of Blue Curacao that turns the favourite mimosa cocktail into a verdant green St. Pate’s drink.

If you are looking for something a bit different to the classic St. Patrick’s Day drinks and cocktails, this emerald-hued lucky Leprechaun Mimosa will be ready in just one minute – and will become a crowd-pleaser in even less time!

What is a Mimosa cocktail

A Mimosa cocktail is quite simply explained. It is a drink that consists of champagne (or other sparkling wine) mixed with citrus juice. Which in most cases will be orange juice. The drink is served in a champagne flute and enjoyed at various occasions. It’s particularly perfect for brunch, as the addition of juice actually tones done the alcohol.

The drink is called mimosa because of it’s bright yellow colour, which is similar to the mimosa flower.

The ratio of champagne and orange juice varies from one third orange juice to half-and-half. Occasionally, a splash of orange liqueur is added too which adds some length and additional sweetness to the drink.

Leprechaun Mimosa: A perfect St. Patrick’s Day drink for Champagne lovers

How to make a Leprechaun Mimosa

The Leprechaun Mimosa cocktail is a simple yet fun twist of the classic mimosa cocktail. It only requires one additional ingredient. Adding a splash of Blue Curacao will turn the drink into a bright green.

To prepare the cocktail, fill a champagne flute one-third with orange juice. Add a splash of Blue Curacao, then slowly top up with the champagne.

Garnish with an orange wheel if you like.

Leprechaun Mimosa: A perfect St. Patrick’s Day drink for Champagne lovers

Do you have a favourite St. Patrick’s Day cocktail? Which one is it?