A guide to five outstanding wineries in Germany you should visit if you love rosé wines

If you crave a wine adventure but find it difficult to travel right now, consider ordering those fantastic rosé wines from Germany and let yourself get virtually transported to the places where they are produced.

Though you might not immediately link Germany with rosé wines (hello Provence), over the past few years rosé wines have become quite popular here too. Indeed, every 10th bottle of wine sold in Germany these days is a rosé wine.

As such, it is no surprise Germany’s wineries have taken on the challenge to make their own rosé wines; and they do not have to fear the comparison either.

Rosé wines Germany

Below I have put together five wineries in Germany that should be on your bucket list if you love rosé wines. Even better, you will probably love the rest of their wines too and once we do not need to worry about travelling any longer, they are lovely places to go and have a great wine experience.


Weingut Philipp Kuhn– Philipps Rosé

Winery Philipp Kuhn is located in the beautiful Pfalz wine region in the small town of Laumersheim in the northern part of the Pfalz close to Bad Dürkheim.

Though the place is one of the lesser known along the German wine route passing through the Pfalz, the small historic town is home to a few excellent wineries located just a short stroll from each other.

Taking over his parents’ winery at the age of twenty, Philipp Kuhn is looking at some 30 years of winemaking and during this time has won 10 times the ‘German red wine award’ and three time the ‘German Riesling award’. So you know the man can make great wines.

Philipps Rosé

The only rosé wine in his large range of wines, Philipps Rosé, a cuvee of Merlot, Blaufränkisch, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and St. Laurent is a perfect light crisp summer wine that offers intense aromas of wild strawberries. It pairs perfectly well to a wide range of summer food including salads, vegetables, and fish such as salmon and prawns.


Weingut Knipser – Cuvée Rosé Clarette

Weingut Knipser

Weingut Knipser is located in the lovely small wine town of Laumersheim in the Pfalz wine region as well. Indeed, if you search for wineries in the area, it will be Weingut Knipser’s lovely ivy-covered façade that will pop up in the images.

There is a small tasting room on-site but weather permitting you will want to settle down in the picturesque little courtyard enjoying a flight of wine.

Founded in 1876, Knipser is a member of the renown VDP association (Association of German Quality Wine Estates) since 1993 and over time has won various awards, including the ‘German Red Wine Price’ and two times ‘Vintner of the Year’.

Among the wineries large range of wines, there two rosé wines are the perfect summer wines.

Knipser Rosé

Knipser Rosé

The Cuvée Rosé Clarette is my definite favourite, made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc it is a fresh, juicy and easy-drinking wine that pairs well with a large range of food.


Von Winning – Win Win Rosé

The third winery too is located within the Pfalz wine region, this time however in the wine-growing town of Deidesheim a little bit further south on the German wine road is the well-known Von Winning winery.

Deidesheim is indeed your perfect location if you want to explore the stunning wine-towns along the German wine road. The small historic town is home to two of the areas best hotels, Deidesheimer Hof and Ketschauer Hof, each boasting its own Michelin-star restaurant, along with a large number of excellent wineries located in the middle of the town just a short walk of each other.

If you want to learn more about Deidesheim and its wineries, check out my post Why you need to visit Deidesheim on the German wine route.

Founded in 1849 by Leopold von Winning, Von Winning Winery has gone through various hands and for a while even went under the name of Dr. Deinhard winery. However, in 2009 in order to honour the winery’s origins the historic name was reinstated.

Today, the winery’s historic villa built in 1840, surrounded by a beautiful garden, is not only home to a tasting room and event centre, there is also Leopold Restaurant which serves seasonal traditional food and next to von Winning wines also features wines from around Germany and internationally on their menu.

von Winning Rosé

von Winning Rosé

The excellent Win Win Rosé is made predominantly from Pinot Noir and the wine, which is partly barrel-fermented, is a fruit-driven fresh and light wine that is nevertheless well-structured and complex.


Weingut Dreissigacker – PNT & C. Rosé

The winery of Jochen Dreissigackeris not only one to put on your list because of its excellent wines.

Dreissigacker, since taking over his parents’ winery is one of the leading figures in Germany’s largest wine growing region Rheinhessen.

He is also one of those winemakers who looks to give his wines the right home. In 2018, he opened a new winery building located in the middle of his vineyards, built to allow grapes to be moved by gravity and incorporating the latest technology and the best sustainable ecological standards.

You can explore the stunning building and the winery’s vineyards during a 3-hour tour taking place every first Saturday each month (advanced booking is essential as only limited places are available per tour).

Dreissigacker Rosé

The winery’s elegant PNT & C. Rosé is made from Pinot Noir with an aroma of raspberry and wildberry and really works well with light summer food.


Weingut Künstler – Pinot Noir Rosé

The Künstler family looks at a wine-growing tradition going back to 1648. However, being originally from Austria and the historic winery located in an area outside of Vienna which later became part of Czech Republic meant, the family had to leave their home and re-built their business in its current location in Hochheim am Main in 1965.

While Weingut Künstler, located just outside of Mainz is officially part of the Rheinhessen wine growing area, several of its vineyards are found within the prestigious Rheingau wine region; with vineyards close to the well-known areas of Rüdesheim and Assmanshausen along the Rhine river.

The winery’s tasting room since 2006 is located in a lovely art nouveau villa located directly in the middle of Hochheim. Here you will also find a restaurant (Kellerwirtschaft); so it is well worth planning a bit more time for your visit.

The Künstler range of wines includes two easy-to-drink rosé wines, both made from Pinot Noir.

Künstler Rosé

Künstler Rosé

The Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) Rosé based on grapes from the Rheingau vineyards, offers an aroma of strawberry and raspberry and comes along with a crisp acidity. It works well with light summer dishes as well as curries and risotto.


Do you love rosé wines? Did you ever try rosés from Germany?